Sunday, September 19

I really wanna. . .

I really wanna be a blogger. For reals. So maybe one entry a year doesn't count as blogmaster status but I think I'll try. Perhaps, even as my challenge for the upcoming year and birthday, ahem, I will challenge myself to blog - at least, once a week. Promise? maybe. . .

Sunday, July 26

It's a Camp Thing

We've just returned. Not very happily I might add.

Yes, we had a delightful time, wonderful, in fact - It's just that we didn't want to leave. Pine Cove Woods Week 7. If it's the middle of July - that's where you'll find the Hamzas. We consider it our own personal Heaven on Earth.

We start planning and coordinating the moment we are driving out of the large pine tree laden property. "I hope that Counselor will be here next year" one says. "I wish I'd ridden the horses this year" another pipes in. "When am I old enough to be in Wild Woods?" no doubt it's six year old/almost seven Dawkin speaking.

Upon first mentioning this Christian Family Camp to Mr. Wonderful back in early 2005, he replied, "East Texas in the middle of July? What are you smoking?" I kid you not. The very same man dedicated to furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ concerned his wife was a little kooky. Well, I called, got our name on the list and waited for the phone to ring telling us we would be the winners of a room at Pine Cove (not really winners but we got a room!).

Monday, October 27

What kind of Cat House are they runnin' over there?

I have a new baby. Warm and fuzzy and really, really sweet. No, really!

After securing a puppy dog, Lily Grace, for our boys, I promised no more pets. In fact even considered laying off one of the two cats we currently employed. Wouldn't it be perfect - ONE CAT, ONE DOG, TWO BOYS. A plaything for each. 

The one I wanted to give a pink slip to was this gray thing. Esther was brought to us by a really good friend, who shall remain nameless to protect his reputation, back in October of 2006. He found her under a bridge on the way to our house and since I had put an old kitty, Twooz, to sleep a few months prior he thought I might enjoy a new baby. Well, here's the thing. I didn't really mind putting the old girl to sleep because she was annoying and weird. Guess what? So is Esther! See how she looks in this photo??? I'm feeling really guilty for wanting to get rid of her but I had devised a plan to take her to the SPCA after Hurrican Ike and tell them I found her in my back yard - well, it would be TRUE!

Now, one of my favorite guys EVER is this one. Steady Merckx (merks). Named after greatest bicyclist of all time, Belgian rider Eddy Merckx. My Merckx is a handsome guy, cool cat, king of the driveway. He's a dream (except that one time he peed on my laundry - well nobody's perfect!).

So to the the new kid. His name is Moto (Dawkin calls him Albert Felinestein). We were having a garage sale at my parents house a week ago and this couple walked up with a little girl holding the kitty. My dad asked if we could pet him because we love kitties (my parents had four but in August/Sept. lost two of them in 3 weeks!). The little girl replied that they had found him and we could have him. I heard myself reply, "I'll take him." WHHHAAAAAT? Who said that????? To be honest, I had been thinking about getting a kitten for Lily because the other two weren't so nice to her. And Adam had Ebony and Tom Jones (a doberman and orange kitty) while growing up who where the best of friends. 

Of course, I was preparing myself for babyville and had already thought I would be losing sleep that night to care for the newby. Nope. He found the litter box all by himself and curled up in our laps for his naps. YIPPEE! So I have to tell you my plan is working. After an initial couple of hisses and canine marks on the ears (not the cat's, mine!), the two are becoming friends.

Need a kitten fix? Come to my house. No sense in all of us having to buy baby food.

. . .live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. 1 Peter 3:8


Stinkin' challenges! I've  been trying for days to get a post up of the Komen Houston Race for the Cure but it's been TRYING me and my patience - blogspot didn't want to cooperate. Here's a cute guy sampling. . .

It's coming soon. . .

A woman's wisdom gives her patience. It is to her benefit to overlook an offense. Proverbs 19:11 Ouch!

Saturday, September 6

Oh, Sweet Pumpkin!

No doubt September is the month of the year I look forward to most of all. Partly because it's my birthday month but the weather begins to change and my favorite thing of all happens. . .Starbucks brings back the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte. It warms my very being and makes me grin just at the sniff of it.

Last night, at the near conclusion to a date night, after a particularly difficult week, Adam and I skipped into skcubratS for a tall something or other (it was our comfort dessert after our out-of-the-ordinary thai dinner). We stood in line and I was contemplating what my order should entail. . .decaf tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte? nonfat green tea latte? tall soy chai? But alas! I almost took a little cheerleader bounce (nope, never was - should have been - evidently subject for another post) and clapped my hands - IT'S SEPTEMBER, me thinks, DECAF TALL NONFAT PUMPKIN SPICE PUHHHHLEEEEESE! YES! - I am now close to ecstatic - it's just those little things that thrill the heck out of me.

My mind searches back to my most favorite of all September Pumpkin Spice remembrance. It was September 1, 2006. Adam and I had just landed in a delightfully cool, light sweater necessary, Seattle with great anticipation of his brother's Labor Day weekend wedding. We knew we had a little drive before we reached the true destination of Port Townsend and so after securing the rental car and playing with it's GPS chick, Adam found us a Starbucks! We walked in and once again, there was the cheerleader jump and subsequent PS actions after. I could smell it - and boy was I happy - IN Seattle, IN Starbucks, WITH my PSL. Life was good. 

Not sure how many PSL's I secured that weekend, but they were all my favorites - well, except for that one last night.

May the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful. Psalm 68:2-4

Thursday, July 24


The God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself, restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. 1 Peter 5:10

Does anybody need this?

I do. 

"After you have suffered a little while. . ." Do you ever wonder how much?

I do.

And the God of all grace. . .will make you strong, firm and steadfast.

I will be.


Thursday, June 12

Wouldn't it be fun. . .

to join in on traditions from other cultures? If I could have a Quinceanera, this would be the dress I would get! And that tiara too. This Sweet Potato was posing for her Q photos on the Sabine Street Bridge last night. We were there after bible study hanging out at the Skate Park (I know, you are probably thinking how multicultural I actually am - SWEET!). Since, I am not celebrating my fifteen birthday this year, perhaps I could go ahead and find all those celebrations I missed in my youth and lump them into one big melting pot.

Okay, in lieu of my thirteenth, I could celebrate with a Bat Mitzvah. My dear friend, Rabbi Eve, could no doubt handle that one and we would all spend Saturday morning in Temple where I would get to read from the Torah, have a great lunch and then get all dolled up for a fun party that evening with lots of gifts. 

For my fifteenth, the above mention Q and the DRESS! We would all go to Mass on Saturday morning where the Pope, er, I mean Priest would give a great service and then we'd have a party that evening and I would ask all of you to "sponsor" various items so it could be a really big party and it wouldn't cost any of us very much money. I would still want you to bring gifts.

For my sixteenth,  well come to think of it, I did have a sixteenth birthday party. It was sweet. Moving on ...

For my eighteenth, Socially elite parents (not to say that mine aren't) generally present their daughter at the Debutante Ball. You get an escort, wear a fabulous white dress, curtsey, and go to a really fantastic fancy dinner. You should probably go ahead and bring gifts just in case.

So, this year I will actually be thirty-ten, not so sure about a party but definitely thinking pink dress and gifts.

But Moses said, Those aren't sounds of victory, And those aren't sounds of defeat, I hear sounds of people throwing a party! Exodus 32:18 Msg